About Us

Ningbo Tuopu Group is one public company in Shanghai Stock Exchange, which is a technology-leading automobile parts company (Stock Code: 601689), and committed to the R&D and manufacturing on Power Chassis System, Trim System and Intelligent Driving Control System.

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Component System Solution

Details matter, a car with perfect function must be equipped with high quality components. Tuopu integrate products and technology into each aspects of automobile field through innovational system solutions, in order to continually promote safety and comfort.

R&D Center Tuopu invest huge fund on advanced test and R&D design, and build R&D center targeting on the tests of future automobile pats. Relying on advanced technology, Tuopu has taken participant in global Automobile synchronization R&D system, realized math data exchange with Audi, GM, Ford…… Brief introduction on R&D Center>>

Tuopu’s Global Service and Support

Quick response and solution implement are always Tuopu’s service principle, also the basis to build good relationship with customers.
“100% on time service” is our serious commitment.

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